Welcome to the MUFI Blog!

When I say Israel, what images pop-up in your mind?

I was asked this question a couple of weeks ago, and I instantly thought of the AC chilled floor of my Grandparent's house in the heart of Haifa. The girl next to me thought of the loud and bustling Jerusalem Shuk (Market) while the guy across the room thought of the ongoing geopolitical conflict. The ideas shared were vastly different from each other, and yet they all perfectly described Israel because this tiny country is a complex web of food, culture, language, religion, education, nature, and people.

My ultimate vision for this blog is to have it mirror the reality of Israel. From homegrown Israeli recipes to political op-eds, I want this to be an open space for members of the pro-Israel community to collectively share their thoughts, facts, and passions. This however cannot be accomplished without your help, and so if you would like to contribute to this collection please don't hesitate to contact the current president and/or secretary so that we can help spread your ideas to the Israel-loving world.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next MUFI event!

L'hitraot (See you later),

Roee Landesman